• Controversy to 'Mosquito' 2013-04-27

    April this year the New York band Yeah Yeah Yeahs published their new album called "Mosquito".
  • Willie Nelson 'Let’s face the music and dance' 2013-04-27

    the new album "Let’s face the music and dance" extends the pattern similar to the olds over the past twenty years.
  • The new album 'Bankrupt' of Phoenix 2013-04-27

    Phoenix brought their new album 'Bankrupt!'
  • April 27, Today in History, The Wizard of Oz Released 2013-04-27

    The Wizard of Oz Released for the first time on April 27 in 1939
  • Autobiographical comedy book Bossypants 2013-04-24

    After its publication, Bossypants has been sold more than one million copies in the U.S. Fey's Grammy nominated narration and exceeding 150,000 audiobooks on
  • Can't miss brilliant Christian Rock album 2013-04-19

    "A Message" perfectly reflects Colton Dixon’s powerful skill of singing that fully presenting energy and affection of Christian Rock.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire 2013-04-19

    “A Song of Ice and Fire” is a series of novel written by George R.R. Martin, the famous American science fiction novelist which is a far-reaching landmark work of fantasy literature.
  • History on April 13 German composer’s oratorio 2013-04-19

    "Messiah" is the most outstanding works among George Frideric Handel's 23 creations. On April 13, 1742 "Messiah" was performed for the first time in Dublin, the capital of Ireland in order to raising money for orphanage.
  • Oblivion - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2013-04-19

    "Oblivion" is a new science fiction suspense film in 2013 directed by Joseph Kosinski and starred Tom Cruise. And referring to this theme song to the movie of the same name was composed by M83.
  • Overgrown 2013-04-11

    James Blake coming from London recently released his new album “Overgrown”.
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