• Wildhayen : powerful multi-language

    I do not often use English, but this software is not hard for me to use at all. To my surprise, SoundDownloader should add multi-language function which includes my mother tongue. I love this app and will continue to use it.
  • Alexandra : Great new version interface and fast speed

    After installing SoundDownloader new version, I found it changed a lot in interface that presents in lively, reasonable and concise button function. The happiest thing is that SoundDownloader keeps the fast downloading speed in downloading from youtube and soundcloud, maybe even faster. Completing downloading several mp3 files only takes me few seconds.
  • Frederick Barton : Download streamed audio tracks

    SoundDownloader is very straightforward. Apart from selecting an output folder and format or choosing a language, there are no other settings to encounter. The application is capable of downloading and converting sound tracks in less than a minute.
  • fabheniques : downloads music quickly

    with just a click i can download my favorite music directly to my hard drive