• SoundDownloader

    Free soundcloud downloader for downloading music and audio(MP3) streaming from soundcloud.com, convert automatically downloaded audio files to MP3, MP2, WAV, AAC, AC3 and WMA.
  • SoundDownloader 3.0 Released


    1.Add a built-in URL Sniffer for sniffing and capturing multimedia streaming urls from all online video and audio websites.

    2.Except for keeping the function of Soundcloud music mp3 download through copying and pasting link address, SoundDownloader 3.0 is available to automatically download the sniffed video and audio URLfrom other websiteson URL Sniffer and extract/convert them to audio file.

  • SoundDownloader 3.1 Released

    Change log

    1. Allow users to drag and drop streaming Soundcloud track link address on Soundcloud.com directly to the list on SoundDownloader. When you see a “plus sign” come up, drop the link address for music downloading online, thus the step is more convenient user’s operation.

  • How to download soundcloud music and audio with SoundDownloader

    1.Download and install SoundDownloader 2.x

    2.Laungh SoundDownloader

    3.Open www.SoundCloud.com website, and search the music and audio which you want to download.

  • How To Drag Links To SoundDownloader Window

    1.Download and install SoundDownloader 2.x

    2.Laungh SoundDownloader, click the "Always on top" button

  • How to translate SoundDownloader to your language

    Our software supports multiple languages, you can read this page to see which languages have been included in our software. If you are willing to translate the materials about our software to your mother tongue, you can download the language packs from our site. After downloading the "*.ini" file, you just need to add the language to your installation directory, normally it will be "C:\Program Files (x86)\SoundDownloader\language" or "C:\Program Files\SoundDownloader\language".

  • Download And Save Soundcloud Music And Audio To Mp3

    1.Download and install SoundDownloader

    2.Laungh SoundDownloader

    3.Open www.SoundCloud.com website, and search the music and audio which you want to download.

  • SoundDownloader FAQ

    How much of the SoundDownloader?

    SoundDownloader is free.

    Is there SoundDownloader Mac version?

  • How to get free code

    SoundDownloader 2.x is completely free,

    and it does not need registration code.

  • Comparison of 'soundcloud to mp3 online downloader' and SoundDownloader

    SoundDownloader (soundcloud to mp3 online downloader and converter) – The online version SoundDownloader that able to download music from Soundcloud without limits, an awesome SoundCloud Ripper. It also plays a role of free soundcloud to mp3, no matter what formats the sound on SoundCloud will finally be saved to mp3.

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